StudyBays Me – A proposal may be out of school education?

And forth about the incessant media is a proof of weakness and media autotematyzmu according to the saying of Goethe: who cares too much about form, this has nothing to say. In 1996 in Los Angeles organized a scientific conference devoted to media literacy. Meeting participants were asked seven questions trying to formulate goals and tasks of pedagogical media. It was agreed that media education is to protect children and youth against the negative influence of the media, but not only. It also has to inspire your own creative media (own videos, etc.) and text analysis of pop culture (discussions and reviews of TV programs, movies, etc.), comparing the filming and literary originals. Media education is therefore a further advanced stage of literacy and open to authors about school programs using the media in a variety of configurations. If only it not occurred to excessive formalism in the development of school programs. How much can one talk about searching for information about this and what is the frame film or how it differs from the weekly journal. Media education school it’s not theoretical physics, and more practical-technical classes. Subject roomy walk and inspiring, because it is and alphabet, and attempt to understand the nature of the media, and education to receive them, and their own creativity. Especially the latter. Hence advisable school newspaper, amateur videos, web pages and broadcast cassette. Is such an object should have a privileged place in your educat 继续阅读